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Case study: Nurse Certification and Victorian Preceptor Program

Case study describing the Certification and Victorian Preceptor Program for nurse cervical screening providers.


Certification is a process that ensures your expertise as a nurse cervical screening provider is recognised. Being a Certified nurse cervical screening provider demonstrates to your patients and colleagues that you are participating in a process that ensures standards of practice are met and maintained. Becoming Certified also means continuous support from Cancer Council Victoria via ongoing communications and continuing professional development opportunities.

Victorian Preceptor Program

A Preceptor is a Certified nurse cervical screening provider who teaches, inspires and serves as a role model to support the growth and development of other nurses training to become cervical screening providers. Preceptors provide students with an orientation to the workplace in a learning/teaching environment, enabling students to bridge the gap between theory and practice before finishing their cervical screening course.

All preceptors in Victoria are registered with the Victorian Preceptor Program (VPP). The VPP is a state-wide program developed by Cancer Council Victoria (formerly PapScreen), the University of Melbourne Department of General Practice, Family Planning Victoria and Melbourne Sexual Health Centre. The VPP supports the work of the preceptor, encourages and recruits new preceptors in Victoria, and provides additional support for preceptors through professional development opportunities.

Cervical Screening Directory

Cancer Council Victoria offers a Cervical Screening Directory on its website that is used by hundreds of women to help them find a suitable location where they can be screened. The directory allows you to search for cervical screening providers by location, by gender of GPs and nurses, by languages spoken and by disability access.

For more information on Certification, the Victorian Preceptor Program or the Cervical Screening Directory please contact us at or on 1800 111 255 or alternatively visit the Cancer Council Victoria website.