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Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities

Case study: Self-collected cervical screening

Sandy Anderson (OAM) talks about self-collected cervical screening as a way to reduce barriers for some communities

Self-collected cervical screening is a great method to reduce barriers for some women, such as fear of the test, discomfort, history of sexual trauma. There are certain eligibility requirements for self-collection, they are:

  • The person with a cervix is aged 30 years and over, and
  • They are more than 2 years overdue from their last cervical screen, and
  • They have refused a practitioner taken Cervical Screening Test.

It is important for people with a cervix to talk to their screening provider about their screening history, health and personal experiences to find a cervical screening method that is best suited for them. Screening providers should help them to understand what happens during the test and afterwards, so they are well prepared.