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Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities


Understand some of the barriers this community faces around cancer screening.

In addition to the general barriers women may face participating in screening, the following have also been identified as common for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders:

  • Shame, fear and embarrassment about screening and cancer.
  • Distrust of healthcare providers, mainstream providers and government services.
  • Lack of culturally sensitive and appropriate health services.
  • Lack of Indigenous and female healthcare providers.
  • Cultural perceptions around cancer may influence decision to access screening.
  • Lack of access to health services due to distance/remoteness and transport.
  • Low knowledge/awareness of the importance and benefits of cancer screening.
  • Prioritisation of family needs before their own health.
  • Lack of Indigenous-specific, culturally-relevant educational resources e.g. speaking posters, as very few local Central Australian languages are written or read.