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Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities


Understand some of the barriers the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community faces to cancer screening.
Cancer Screening Hub - We Work with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities

In addition to the general barriers women may face to screening, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women may face unique barriers, including:

  • Shame, fear and embarrassment about screening and cancer.
  • Distrust of healthcare providers, mainstream providers and government services.
  • Lack of culturally sensitive and appropriate health services.
  • Lack of Indigenous and female healthcare providers.
  • Cultural perceptions around cancer.
  • Lack of access to health services.
  • Low knowledge of the importance and benefits of cancer screening.
  • Prioritisation of family needs before health.
  • Lack of Indigenous-specific, culturally-relevant educational resources e.g. speaking posters, as very few local Central Australian languages are written or read.